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Well, I have been back home since April and have been enjoying the Valley weather. College Station is beautiful, but there are times I just want to wear sandals, every day! :]
Being done with college classes hasn't quite caught up with me yet. Once the Fall semester starts and I begin student teaching, then will it really hit me that I am almost DONE! Fours years in the same place over with. How weird is that?!
But, I am also very glad it is over. Being away from Tim and my family has been hard. Just towards the end did I finally get used to being alone. And it wasn't fun at all.

I am also very glad to be back at a "home" church. Tim has been the music/youth/young adults minister at Abundant Life Fellowship in Mission for the past two years and because of that my family has been attending. At first I didn't enjoy the smallness of the congregation, but now that I am home and with the people more often, I am enjoying their company and being involved in almost all the activities that the church offers.
On Monday nights this summer we are playing softball. So far we have won one game out of three. Not-too-shabby! :]
Then there is my book club, which I am absolutely loving. I love to read. If there is nothing for me to do, I read. I read for fun. So, to be a part of a book club with christian women is a blessing. Right now we are reading and the Shofar Blew by Francine Rivers. It has been such a blessing on my heart. The book is about a struggling church and its need for more people. This book reflects our church in so many ways, but is also showing us that we need not be like the main character, Paul, who will do anything to get those numbers.
On Sunday mornings I sing in the praise team with Tim and the rest of the band. We are having so much fun praising the Lord and singing His praises.

My family is doing great. My brother starts college in the Fall. My mom and I are crafting as usual. Wejust participated in a "craft" show that was held in a woman's back-yard. We made a few bucks, but had so much fun making the goodies--time together makes everything worth it. For father's day we got my dad these really awesome Bose headphones. He is loving them and we are loving that he loves them. :]
Tim's brother and sister-in-law had their first baby, Peter, on March 20th. He is such a blessing and is growing so fast. I actually was able to baby-sit him today and see all the fun new things he is learning and doing.

Well, that was a little catch-up! Soon, I will post all the goodies mom and I are making and much more!!

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  1. i like totally luv ur blog! u shud totally put pix of ur room up!