The Letter C is Taking Over!!!

I love the letter C.
Charlotte is a wonderful name and thankfully everywhere I look there is a "C" to be bought.
And....well..... I bought them all.
Here are the ones that are in my room and I hope to add more once I get a place with Tim---that means "T"s and "H"s. YAY!

This little Mary Engelbreit C was given to me by my grandmother. Adorable.

Another Target purchase. This light blue C (can't tell it's blue in the picture) is covered in glitter! So sweet!

Another one of my Hobby Lobby projects. Painted it hot pink and lime green and just love it by my door!

I love me some Target. I had to search for this magnetic C in the dollar section, but it was well worth it. It completes this metal tray!

And another Target buy. $2.50, but still cheap. It is light pink on lighter pink.

If I could have more Cs it would be this one over and over again. I bought this at TJ MAXX for $4. It was the only letter left. It was as if God was telling me to buy it!!

Painted this C from Hobby Lobby as well. Had to have more black in my life!

Mom and I were scouting out our local antiques/thrift store one day and came across this C and also an L for her. It was a sign I tell ya. They are exactly the same fabric and look so adorable where we placed them!

This was one of my first C buys. I was at Ross and am always looking for Cs and came across this one. I couldn't resist! It might have been around $5. It is big too! Looks great on my wall!

My future sister-in-law bought me this HUGE pink C for Christmas. I just adore it. She told me there were tons at Kirkland's and she couldn't resist! Love it!

So there are my Cs. Hope you enjoyed!!!
On a different note, Tim and I are taking a trip to New York! EXCITING!!
His father is teaching a course at Cambridge for two weeks and invited us to see the city while he teaches and stay with him! I am so excited. I have wanted to go to NY for so long. It will only be for a week, but Tim and I are going to make sure and see as much of NY as we possibly can in that time!

Have a fantastic day!
God Bless!!

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