Alone time

Since Tim has been at basic I have had a lot of alone time. I always kind of wanted random spurts of alone time while Tim was here, but now I just want him back.
I hope that doesn't make me a bad person.

So, Tim and I are going to be god parent's to a lovely little Martin baby in July. We find out the sex of the baby tomorrow. I can't wait. Babies are so fun and cute....and then they grow up.

Peter, our 10 month old nephew, is already so big. He doesn't like for hardly anyone to hold him (except his momma, of course). And he crawls EVERYWHERE now. I love it, I think it's cute, but I also loved babysitting him when he was only 3 months old and all he wanted was to be held. The little booger just keeps growing. :]

Well, I am patiently waiting for my wedding photos to come in. It's only been a little over a week, I know. :] But I can't help it. I had such a fabulous time at my own wedding and I want to relive it already. Also, making the photo albums will get my mind off missing Timmy.

Praying that I can s tart my job this week sometime. Because it's a new position there was a lot more paperwork that needed to be sent to HR. SO, hopefully that has been done....maybe I can start on Tuesday or Wednesday??

I have sent Timmy three letters so far. There is just so much that I want to tell him, so I write it down. I miss him so much, but I know that he is having an ok time. He was so pumped when I left him and was so upbeat about the whole Air Force process. He is going to succeed and become more than he could've imagined for himself. God is so good!!

Alright, back to packing and getting re-organized after the wedding. My house is being used for Bunco on Tuesday! Eek, it needs to be cleaner than clean. :]

God Bless

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