2 weeks & 3 days...

...until we all see Timmy in San Antonio. The time has really gone by fast. Everyone has written and received a letter from Timmy. I was able to talk with him yesterday afternoon for 20 minutes. His flight was heading into BEAST week. This is a week where they are in "war" like scenarios and they have to use their combat skills they have learned to solve/get through the scenario. He is one of the leaders and sounded super pumped about the whole thing. I am so glad. For the first few weeks he sounded really bummed, but his spirits have gone up since then.
I can't wait to get my post-BEAST call on Friday or Saturday. He can tell me whether his flight got BEAST Excellence, which might mean they get an extra town pass on the Sunday we see him. YAY. Let's keep praying!

Today, while I was surfing facebook I noticed that the Air Force Basic Training site had been updated with new photos. GUESS WHAT?! Timmy's flight was in it. And there were 3 PICTURES of Timmy. He looks so handsome.

There he is on the far left. He has his name sewn on his jacket and everything.

There he is in the middle. So fit and handsome.

And there he is on the far right. So professional.

Anyways, work is going great. I love my kiddos and can't wait for them to take their TAKS in April so they can see how I have been helping them. :]

Can't wait for Spring Break, though. Hmm, I wonder why? hehe

Can't wait to look into those pretty eyes in a few weeks. Oh how I love him so.

Speaking of love. My parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary today. I pray that Tim and I have as wonderful a marriage as my parents have had. Keep on going mom and dad. Let's make it to 100. :]

God Bless


  1. ChaYour mother is my dream girl...a real nightmare...ooooppps! Did I say that?I fell in love with her in the fourth grade, the first girl I had ever kissed and what is so cool is that God placed her family in the house directly across the street...so we got to grow up, play, fight, cry, make up, laugh together for years. I am so blessed...Lord will you give us another 30 years?I pray Cha, that you & Tim will have a blessed life. I am so proud of both of you.Love & Blessings!Daddy

  2. Thank you so much Daddy! You are too sweet!Love you,Cha