Off we go into the wild blue yonder...

Wow, I've been a bad blogger again! But, I have a good reason: I was with my husband for the first time in 8 1/2 weeks. :]
As you know, this past weekend was Tim's BMT graduation in San Antonio. The whole family {his family and my family} went to San Antonio to see him on Wednesday. We watched him do his airman's run and the coin ceremony on Thursday & graduation on Friday. The whole time was magical. He is a completely different man, but still the same ole Timmy I fell in love with. Tim also got to see our nephew walk for the first time and be there for his 1st birthday. Such a magical time. We are so blessed by the love we have from our family. God is good!
Here are a few {there are over 700, though} of the pictures from this magical weekend:

Day One:

Mom, Dustin, and Dad waiting on the road for the airman's run.

Andrew's awesome shirt. We have been using the "your face" insult for a long time! It's a tradition!

Libby holding the sign that I had made for the run.

I was so excited!

Libby showing off her sign-holding skills.

Andrew and Peter waiting for the run to begin!

It's almost time--we are so excited!

There's Timmy all the way to the left. We missed him when he ran by the  first time. He saw us, but we were looking for the wrong color shirt. :[

There he is coming back around. He shot us an "I love you" on his way by.

There he is again. Running his heart out. He was at the front of his flight because he was an Element Leader {in charge of his column of guys}.

Peter and Wendy waiting for Timmy's flight to come out for the coin ceremony.

There is Timmy's flight. His MTI is handing him his coin all the way on the left. 

Peter was awake......

There is Timmy next to the guy holding the flag. SO handsome.

...and then he wasn't.

Timmy holding Peter after the coin ceremony. As soon as the ceremony was over I ran to where Timmy was {they didn't allow the airmen to move--they let the families go find them}. I hugged him and cried. Man I missed him!!

The family walking to the mini-mall by Timmy's squadron. 

Timmy, and the family, making room for a flight to march by.

Peterface wearing his shirt {My uncle is Airman Hollinger--on the back there is a pic of a paper airplane}.

Timmy being cute while we sat, chilled, and talked with him!

Peter had a rough day. One if his many naps!

Timmy was just so cute the whole time in his blues.

Tim and I at the end of the first day!

He is so handsome!

Day Two:

Peter fell asleep on me during the graduation parade. Then, when he woke up, he peed on my leg. I love that kid!

Look at that sky!? Those are all the flights on the parade grounds. I just love this pic. The plane, the flags, and the new airmen!

There is Timmy's flight marching in front of us. He is the one on the right on the first row.

There he is again!

This is the first picture I took when I ran down to him after the graduation was done. Look at his new stripes {2} on his arms and the ribbons {3--marksmanship, serving in a time of war, and graduation from BMT} on his chest. So handsome!

I gave Andrew my camera {I'm too short to see over most people} and he took this wonderful picture of Tim.

Another Andrew picture!

 There is Tim's flight. They got Honor Flight {only one flight gets this honor at each graduation--see the little yellow flag?} and they took a new HONOR FLIGHT picture! Timmy is on the ground in the front second from the left.

Timmy with his proud mommy and daddy!

Tim's stripes!

Tim's ribbons!

And well, you know, his last name! :]

Their training squadron, the 331st, is called the wolfpack. This was the awesome mural on their wall of the dorm.

The second part!

This is Timmy's bed.

Timmy by his ABUs and locker.

The other mural in the dorm: May God Have Mercy on the Wolfpacks Prey!"

Peterface being a good baby while we waited for the men to bring the cars around!

Finally off base at the Little Red Barn restaurant in San Antonio. Great meal!

Dustin and Mom at dinner at Ihop!

Mom and Dad at dinner at Ihop!

Timmy and I at dinner at Ihop!
Tim and Dustin!

Day Three:

Timmy and Peterface at Saltgrass on the Riverwalk.

 Jeremiah and Tim at Saltgrass. The Martin family surprised Tim for the weekend. He was so happy!!

Timmy and I at Saltgrass. We were there for our honeymoon and loved it so much. He said that he wanted to go there during his town pass time. 

Judy and Scott at the Alamo Cafe for Peter's 1st birthday party. Love the hats.

Dad and Dustin with their hats on. :]

Mommy loving her hat. :]

The one time Peter left his hat on long enough to get a picture!

Jeremiah and his hat!

Andrew, Peter, and Wendy. What a great picture!! Can't believe it's been a year since he was born! Jeepers!

Timmy and I. He was being a good airman and didn't wear the hat, but I did!!

Peter's yummy cake!!!

Peter enjoying his party.

Peter and the gift we gave him. The sweet bible verse prints for his room!

Andrew showing the family the book we made Peter.

Andrew, Tim, and Wendy. They left that night for McAllen.

Day Four:

When we picked Timmy up on Sunday we went to the mini-mall and got him a case for his airman's coin. One side.

The other side.

For brunch the whole crew {my family, his family and the Martin family} went to the Guenther House.

The Guenther House. The wait was pretty long so we ended up sitting and talking with Timmy.

Timmy looking at me. :]

Timmy and I posing by "the tree" for a couple pictures.

Mommy and Maci being sweet at the table.

 Timmy and I at the table.

Jeremiah looking silly.

Maci looking so pretty and cute.

Thank you very much Timmy. He really likes the camera that I bought for us!

The fruit plate that was given to us by a sweet lady that Jeremiah helped carry stuff up some stairs.

My yummy salad. I forgot to get a picture of my soup, broccoli cheese {it was so good. Jeremiah loved it so much he couldn't stop talking about it}.

Maci and Dustin at the table.




Timmy twirling Makayla.

Timmy twirling Maci.

 Timmy walking Makayla and Maci through the Quarry parking lot after lunch.

Timmy's last meal/dessert with his parents and I. We went to Chili's and ate chips and dip, sat and talked, and enjoyed our last hour with Timmy.

Scott hugging his baby goodbye.

Judy hugging her Timmy goodbye.

Timmy signing "I love you" to us as he leaves.

In the car on the way back to McAllen Timmy texted me. So sweet!

And that is our trip summed up in around 80 photos. Jeepers.

Timmy is now in Monterey, California. He starts his tech school on April 14th, but until then he has a lot of briefings, papers to sign, and some getting used to the area to do. Thankfully I have been able to talk with him every night since he got there. And we both have iPhone 4s and can FaceTime each other. It has been awesome!! {Thanks to the daddies for buying Timmy his new, awesome phone!}

More California updates later!

God Bless


  1. So glad you've shared this Charlotte. I'm so proud!

  2. Wendy,Thanks for reading. I made this blog to keep EVERYONE updated on EVERYTHING! Pray y'all are doing well!