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During the summer of 2006 my parents lovingly bought me my first computer for college. It was a macbook, white, with 1 GB of RAM. Now, to some of you that means nothing. But to computer people, well, let's just say they're saying WTF!?
I am not badmouthing this computer. She is still alive and kicking and has crashed ONCE in her life with me--I brought her back to life, but lost all my school work that I had been putting together for a whole semester--I'm not mad or anything! :]
Anyways, she did her purpose. I am now a Texas A&M graduate and have a bit more time on my hands with my new job at an elementary school. I get home a little after noon each day! WHOOP! With this said time I surf the web, get caught up on lesson plans, edit photos, and blog! {There might be some facebooking in there somewhere!}
Since my sweet, awesome, wonderful husband was leaving for the Air Force he said that I could use his AWESOME computer {that he got for graduation from the family} until he was done with BMT. Well, this computer is a macbook PRO, has an aluminum unibody, and 8 GB of RAM! Jeepers it is way better than my sweet baby. I can do so much more and it won't crash or give me the little colored pinwheel of death. Ugh.
Now, it's not my computer--it's Timmy's, but I still get to play on it.

Here is what my organized desktop looks like:

Nice, right? And the background isn't too bad either!

Anyways, I thought I would just share how blessed I am by this computer and its awesomeness!

God Bless

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