I guess you kind of need a table to eat at...

While working at my mom's estate sales I always find things that I want badly. But, I'm not made of money, nor will I ever be made of money. I do occasionally buy a few knick knacky things that are worth pennies. At the latest estate sale there is a ton of nice antique furniture. 
One of the pieces that caught my eye was an antique card table. It is so whimsical. There are sweet shelves underneath the top where you can place your beverages during the card game. Well, today at the sale, my grandmother came to help out. She asked if I still wanted that table. I said that I had the other table where the legs come off and it would be easy to transport, yada yada yada. She and my parents make eye contact, WHAT? She said that if I wanted it it was mine. She said she would love to buy it for our wedding gift. OK!! Don't have to ask me twice!
I love it. And, what makes it even better is that Tim LOVES it. He is a big card player and loved that it was used for card playing at one time. Well, we are going to use it for eating, studying, crafting, etc. 

THE table. I want to marry it. Oh wait, I'm already married. hehe

Look at those legs!! AND the shelf.

This is the first time I saw the table. Super cute!

Shelves, shelves, and more shelves!

So, that's the story of THE table. Our sweet, small, old-fashioned card table. Mmm-mmm-mmm!

God Bless


  1. WOW! Did you luck out, Charlotte. That table is adorable. Somehow I missed it when I was at the estate sale. Not that I need another stick of furniture. Nope. Silly me.. when we built our home we made it for all of our furniture to fit somewhere... and it did. Learn from me: BIG MISTAKE. Plan for future treasures.Happy Easter!Karen Ladybug Creek

  2. Aww, Karen, I will keep that in mind. Thankfully right now I have only a handful pieces of furniture to my name. Thanks so much for the sweet comment.Happy Easter!!!