When was that?

Yesterday, my mom and dad finally gave me the photos they took from Timmy's BMT graduation weekend. There were quite a few that I didn't remember and am so glad I have now.
I can't believe that it's already been over 3 weeks since we were there. Wow. 
But, to make me and Timmy feel better those three weeks have gone by pretty fast. :]

Here is some photoshoped new BMT pics:

This was right after seeing my Timmy for the first time in 8 1/2 weeks. I just couldn't stop crying. 

I wiped my tears away for a quick photo. We were obviously being attacked by a ton of photographers; we aren't even looking at the same camera.

Me in action. I was taking pictures constantly over that weekend. I'm so glad we bought that camera.....and the very cute camera strap. :]

The "Moving to California Adventure" is starting this week, I promise. I need to unload my room. Yes, I have that much stuff. My loving husband calls all of my chotskies "crapitos". Sweet, right?
Anyways, I will need to unload all of the stuff so that I can organize it into piles of keeping, selling, and what was I thinking?! That should be so much fun. 
Then, after the heartbreak of packing, I'll leave the boxes in the living room--the ideal place for my boxed crapitos--until moving time. Let's all pray that this whole process goes smoothly. I'm sure that I might have a nervous breakdown, cry a ton, and be a tad grumpy. Everyone should come help. HA!

All I know is that I am so ready to be a wife to my wonderful husband. Being away from him is hard, but we both now that in the end we are going to have a strong and great marriage. We've been through long distance relationship time before while I was in College Station and he was in the Valley. It was hard and we fought, but we made it through and are married now. We never gave up. I was in love and was determined to spend the rest of my life loving and taking care of my Timmy.
God is so good and will provide. With HIS help and guidance we will strive through our time in the Air Force.

God Bless

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