Quick update!

I have been in California almost three weeks now. Monterey is a beautiful area. The weather is in the high 50s constantly. It took some getting used to, but here I am sitting in front of the computer without a jacket on. :]
Speaking of computers. This past weekend Tim took me to this shopping center close to our place. We were going to get ice cream and ended up eating dinner and going to the apple store instead. I thought we were just looking around, but I came to find out later that Tim completely intended on walking out of the store with a new computer for me. He is so sweet. Anyways, five hours later (because of some complications with the first computer they gave us--we got to know the staff pretty well) we walked out with a 21.5 inch Mac. It comes with a wireless keyboard and wireless tracpad. I want to marry the tracpad. It is by the far the coolest accessory. 
I love the computer and I love my Timmy for buying it for me!!!!!

In other news: the apartment is almost complete. We are finishing up our bedroom and then the awesome picture taking will begin. Stay tuned!!!

God Bless!

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