Sorry I went away for a few weeks. Life got a little out of control. Tim and I were constantly cleaning and preparing for his parents arrival on July 3rd. They stayed with us for a week and we had a blast. Sad that they are gone, but glad we made some memories.

When the entire family went to San Antonio for Tim's BMT graduation I made an itinerary. I didn't make it because I'm an organized control freak. I made it because we had limited time together and I wanted to make sure we didn't waste any of it. Ever since then his parents are always wondering why I don't have an itinerary written up for my visits. Well, I made one for this visit. Not to say, "HaHa look what I did!" But, again, because we had limited time with each other and Tim (he was still working). We drank a lot of wine, shopped everywhere, and had a marvelous time!

Now, no more writing. I wanted to show off some of the photos that Tim and I took while his parents were here. I put them in Photoshop and played around with them. Enjoy!

God Bless

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