Photoshop: I bought some new stuff...

I love Photoshop Elements. Most of the time it is super user-friendly, and if I don't understand something all I have to do is Google it and BAM! there are a ton of tutorials showing me how.

I've been receiving newsletters from a digital paper/Photoshop frames/extras website for about a year now. But, today the shop is having a huge sale! Almost their entire inventory is $0.25 each! It's amazing. So I went crazy and spent $2.75! WOW! The shop is called Sassy Designs and they have some wonderful stuff! Make sure you read their conditions of use before you start using their products.

Here is something I cooked up on the fly using a new digital paper and frame!

God bless and don't forget  about the coupon code SUMMER2012 to receive 10% off your purchase at my etsy shop!

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