Life: Pant suits and apps...

Yesterday, the hubby and I were waiting around for dinnertime so we went into my favorite thrift shop.  I was just "looking", of course, when whatdoyaknow I find a cuter than cute pant suit. In the coming months I foresee many job interviews and we thought it would be a good idea for me to get a nice pant suit. Say hello to my new used Ann Taylor pant suit that I got for just $20! Say what!? That's right; be jealous!

Once we were home I started surfing Instagram and stumbled upon multiple people using this new app called A Beautiful Mess and I fell in love! So, of course, I bought it! So cute!
Look at how cute this photo looks after using the app!!

As you can see I had a fantastic day {except for the day long inservice I sat through, ugh}!

God Bless!

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