life: move across country, new house in Maryland, new puppy...

The past two weeks have been incredible and jam packed. The hubby and I have been non-stop, moving and going. Today was the first "down" day we've had so I thought I'd update everyone on our journey across this beautiful nation. 

1. We drove for 10 days from Monterey, California to Maryland. 
I pray to the sweet baby Jesus that I never have to do that again. 
I complain and I complain, but all-in-all I enjoyed the journey. God had his eyes on us the entire way and made the trip quite uneventful. We had a crazy U-Haul fiasco {read about it here}. There ended up being 3 different times we were on the side of the road because of a U-Haul problem. 1 transmission bust and 2 flat tires. Hubby-face kept his cool through the whole thing and I adore him for that. 
We stayed with friends in two cities and family in another. 
Seeing friends and family along the way made it more like a vacation than a move. 

2. We've been at our new house for one week now. 
Ever since day 2 we've been trying our best to get everything unpacked and set-up. The house is adorable and I am loving all the extra room. Yesterday, we bought a king mattress and then headed over to IKEA and bought a metal bead frame. We had been talking about getting a new bed for two years and I'm so glad we finally did it. It's perfect.

3. Hubby has been wanting a puppy for years. We weren't allowed to have one in California. Since we were moving he had been searching for a place that would allow dogs. This house does and we didn't waste anytime looking for a sweet doggie. We went to a ton of shelters, rescues, and humane societies. We fell in love with the Washington Animal Rescue League. Their facility was immaculate. They took good care of their animals. AND they are a no-kill shelter. Yesterday, we stopped on by to see if any new doggies had come and in...and...some had. We saw Jack and new he was the ONE! 
We picked him up this afternoon and it's been bliss with him here. 

This new chapter is turning out pretty sweet. 
God Bless


  1. Sounds like your trip has been pretty crazy! Glad you found a nice house and are able to settle down. Congrats on your new puppy, maybe next year we can all have a play date together. Yes, that's my hint on our location next year. :)

  2. It was very crazy, but fun. YAY! DC area??? I would love a puppy play date!! :] Can't wait to find out!