design shop: OPEN for business...

Graphic design has always fascinated me. I love how someone can take such a small idea and make a beautiful creation. All on their computer.
I want to do that.
So I did.

Ever since I started my blog, a few years back, I have been creating my blog design. Not because I was a FABULOUS graphic designer, but because I was cheap. My only follower was my mother and I didn't see the need to spend a ton of money on a design.
Because of this I began learning the Photoshop Elements ropes. Let me tell ya, it ain't easy. I do a lot of searching. A lot of trial and error. A lot of trashing my work. 
Oh, and did I mention that I also had to learn HTML and CSS so that I could actually apply all these wonderful designs to the blog. Jeepers! I'm surprised my head didn't explode!
But once I got both things down I was set. I still don't think that my blog design is worthy of any esteemed blog designers praise, but I think it's pretty cool.

Not only do I design my blog, but I also design my etsy shop, business cards, freebies, and classroom worksheets and goodies for TeachersPayTeachers. Again, I am no master, but I love it and it makes me happy to hear someone tell me, "That was exactly how I envisioned it in my mind!"

This past week I was approached by a fellow etsy seller and blogger. She was very sweet and had asked if I created all of the designs that I use on my blog. Why yes I do! She needed new business cards and a banner for trade shows that she attends. She had a very specific idea and design and asked if I would take on the task of creating these for her. 
Hell Yes! Yes ma'am, I would love to!

So she created a pinterest board full of her inspirations for the design and I created what I envisioned them to be. She loved them and so do I!
This whole thing got me thinking, "I could do that! I could have a design shop!" And so I started one. 

I can now say that I've had my first paying client in my design shop.
Check out my designs. So far there are only the products I've made, but I plan on adding some that are pre-made.

So, what do ya think?

Oh, and go check out the blog Pretty Shiny Object. Elizabeth is doing a shop feature post about my etsy shop!

Enjoy and God Bless