life: baby boy has a name...

After naming our first son such an unusual name, Cogley Jase, we have been faced with the task of naming our second son with just as unusual a name.
Guys....it's hard.
There are a bajillion names out there, both unusual and everyday.
Well, after much discussion and searching and praying and thinking about drinking wine but not being able to....we have found THE name!

Asher - my sweet husband was reading or watching a sermon/devotional and came across Asher in the Bible. He looked it up and found that it meant happy and blessed. Beautiful, since that is what this baby is.

Boggie - my grandfather passed away last January. He was such a special and supportive man and I wanted to honor and remember him always. At the time of his death Cogley was still in my belly, but we had already named him and monogrammed everything. Hubby and I agreed that when we had another boy we would incorporate my grandfather's name. Boggie was his nickname forever and it sounds so right with Asher.

Naming a child has by far been one of the most stressful, exciting, and God fearing jobs we have ever had to complete. The name you choose will be with them forever. When the name you have chosen finally clicks and you smile when you hear it is when the weight has been lifted.

Now to enjoy the falling snow with my sweet boys.
God Bless!

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