life: 1 year and 1 month...

Our sweet Cogley turned 1 last Sunday. ONE!
It's amazing to me how fast his first year went. My mommy heart is taking it pretty well. I had a few cryface moments. But, life must go on.
We celebrated with just our little family. He ate a cupcake that he hated. Opened presents. We bought him his first Bible. Can't wait to read the stories with him and see him understand.
Cogley is still army crawling everywhere and just started to pull up on things this past week.
Next step, walking! (Ba dump ching!)
Let's go down memory lane. Here is Cogley at the hospital! He is such a little boy now.
Baby Asher turned 1 month last Sunday! (Sunday was huge for us!)
Today when I went to visit him he is up to 3 pounds 11.6 ounces. He is in an open crib and wearing preemie clothes. Eating good. Sleeping good. Breathing good.
God is so good!
We also took our first family photo last week! You may want to grab some tissues...
God Bless!

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