Teaching & Design: Polka Dots & Pals...

My sweet friend Lauren over at Polka Dots & Pals is the best!
She has started creating clip art and is specializing in Pals! A pal is a clip art version of yourself.
She makes the process very simple.
1. You download this listing on TpT for her Pal form.
2. Fill it in and email it to Lauren.
3. After a bit she will send you an email, you purchase on TpT, and voilá, you have a Pal!

Here's mine. She was so sweet and made me one with Asher's shirt also!
I then made mine into my TpT button! Super cute!
AND I am one of her Feature Teachers for her 2015-2016 Teacher/Pal Calendar. I'm going to be January 2016!

So, go check out her TpT Store, Blog, Instagram, and Facebook Page.

God Bless!

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