Sometimes I want to marry my iPhone apps...

...not really. But still. Some of the apps they are coming out with these days are just plain awesome. 
Today, I found an app that is probably cooler than all my apps combined. It's called zapd. Basically, you can create a website on your iphone and then share it with everyone. So I did! It's free!
My webpage is called "Charlotte's Year in Pictures: 365" and I am going to take a picture a day for a year and upload it.

This is my webpage. The app has a billion different themes to choose from and you are able to add pictures, text, and links.

I'm actually really excited about this. I've always wanted to do this type of project: a photo a day for a year. But, of course I didn't want to have to carry my camera with me constantly, then upload it to my computer, and then blog about it. It is pretty time consuming for just one picture. But this app allows me to take the picture on my phone whenever I want to and update the webpage from my phone.
I'm excited to continue this for a year and see what pictures I've taken.

God Bless


  1. I'm excited to see all the awesome pics you put up on your Zapd page and can't wait till we're close enough that I get to be in some!

  2. I can't wait for that day too! Love you babe!