Anything baby makes me go, "Aww, it's so cuuuutttteeee!"...

I love baby stuff. I don't have a baby, am not pregnant, and am not having a baby for a very long time. But, I still love baby stuff. It's itty bitty and so sweet. 
Thankfully, God has blessed me with a sweet nephew, Peter, to buy things for. I'm not going to lie. I love baby girl things a lot. But, since buying things for Peter, I have come to notice that some boy things are just as cute. 

Well, God has once again blessed me with another baby to buy things for. Our sweet goddaughter, Miley Jo, is coming into the world in early July and she is going to be the cutest baby!
She is Jeremiah and Anne Marie's THIRD girl, so they have a lot of girl clothes, bibs, and cuteness from the previous two. But, I sweetly asked last week if Tim and I could buy her the coming-home-outfit from the hospital. They said sure and man do I feel blessed. Sadly, Tim and I will be in California when she is born and won't see her for a while. But, this small thing means so much to me. It's kind of like we are there. It can be something that is told to her down the road: "Charlotte and Tim gave you the outfit that you came home in." Jeepers, I'm getting all choked up. 

Anyways, after work today I headed over to Babies-R-US to look over Anne Marie's registry, get some cute things, and buy THE outfit! Let me repeat myself: I love baby stuff. I shouldn't be allowed to go shopping for any of it. Ever. I'm half confused, half in love with everything. Luckily, all the clothes were centralized and uber cute. It did take me about 30 minutes to even pick out a few outfits, but I finally decided on one. 

It's zebra, of course. But it needed something else. It wasn't complete. I took it home and embellished it a bit.

 Here's how it turned out:

Here is the sweet dress. Lime green trim completes it!

Super cute. Even cuter in person.

The dress came in a set of two. The other one is just as cute, but this baby HAS to be in zebra. It suites her family. 

The lime green and grey go so well together.

The diaper cover was plain white, so I added a pretty ribbon ruffle.

 What a pretty baby butt she is going to have.

 My tools. Can you believe it all fits in that itty bitty box? That ribbon is one of my favorites. It had just the right lime green and grey that matched the dress.

I made a sweet broach to add to the dress.

Look how sweet it looks on the dress!

10 times cuter than before.

I just love how it all turned out.

Here is the other dress. Since I accented the diaper cover I decided to add a broach to it as well.

Ooh it looks so cute.

 Yummy. It completes the outfit.

 Pretty lime and grey!

Now, Anne Marie told me to get a newborn outfit, but the way she has been talking about her BIG babies Miley won't be wearing these very long. :]

Can't wait for her to be born and wear this sweet outfit home. They better take bunches of photos for Auntie Charlotte and Uncle Timmy!

God Bless

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