Olympic Addict...

Hi, my name is Charlotte and I am addicted to the Olympics.

Ever since the opening ceremony I have been keeping up-to-date on all my favorite sports and athletes. I even started following them all on twitter so that I could see what they're up to over there in London. Right now I am loving "my girls"; the 5 gymnasts. And of course Ryan Lochte! If you have an iPhone you should download the "London 2012 Results" app. It is awesome and has all the info on your favorite athletes.

Enough about my addiction!

This past week has been crazy. I colored my hair for the first time EVER! I've always wanted to and finally decided that it was time (with a little nudging from my husband).

I also received these beautiful prints from Jones Design Company in the mail! I just love them so much, especially the cupcake one!

And just yesterday this sweet thing joined my iPhone case family. It is just adorable. You can find one here.

I started going into my classroom last week and yesterday. I pretty much have everything where I want it! So, for my teacher friends here's a funny!

God Bless and enjoy the rest of your summer. I know I will!


  1. AHH, HELLO KITTY! I love Hello Kitty. found you through wordpress on a Hello Kitty search. check out my blog too, I got Hello Kitty items on it. http://www.theglassmall.com
    Following you now!

  2. Awesome! I will totally check it out! :]

    Charlotte :]