Life: 1st day of school, graduation, ninja...

Hello, my name is Charlotte and I am an awful blogger. :[

So, to get you up to speed on what's been happening I'm going to make a list:

1. The first day/week of school has come and gone. The principal and 1st grade team decided to make me the 1st/2nd combo class. I was a bit sad at first, but quickly got over it. I love my kiddos and can't wait for this year. I have some of my 1st graders from last year in my 2nd grade. They are such angels. The cute 1st graders are so smart and are transitioning well into learning 1st grade things.

2. On the second day of school I was absent. I'm such a bad teacher, but it was for a good reason. Timmy was graduating from his Chinese class. I HAD to be there! He and another classmate gave the speech in Chinese and English. They did so good and it was funny, which is totally Timmy. I'm so proud of him and can't wait to see where this language takes us over the years. God is so good!

3. For funsies we love going to Target. It's like hanging out at Wal-Mart in the south. :] While we were there the other day I found these cute "fake" glasses in the kids section. I had to try them on and almost bought them. I've always wanted to wear glasses, but I have pretty good vision. Ha!! I know I'm weird!

4. Timmy came home one day with this little ninja. I don't know where he gets these things. At least he isn't bringing home stray animals. :] Anyways, he has been putting it everywhere. I found it on my purse one morning when I was ready to leave. What a crazy boy!

5. Finally, I updated my etsy business cards and just love them. Can't wait to send them with someones purchases. Oh, and I just got some great jewelry making goodies in the mail this week. When I have a free moment from school stuff and life stuff I will TOTALLY be making new stuff! :]

Have a fab week and God Bless


  1. So glad you are back to blogging!

  2. Me too! I'm still busy but I want to do a couple a week. Love you!