Life: Welcome to our family iPhone 5!

Good evening lovelies! We have been busy busy this last bit of September. Teaching 1st and 2nd grade has been fun. I love my kiddos and their cuteness. I've got some cute stuff to share that they've given me or made me, but I need to take pics and then I'll post.

Now, on to the awesomeness. Tim and I got the new iPhone 5s last Friday. IN WHITE. I've been waiting 2 YEARS for a white iPhone. It feels so good. They are the coolest and I am so excited to use it every day. When we got them, though, I was freaking out. The Apple Store didn't have ANY cases for the 5. Not a single one! I must have a case. I drop my stuff like nobodies business. I held on to that phone like it was a million bucks. We drove over to Target and TADA, there were cases. I slapped that baby on and felt so safe.

The one I chose was this Speck Blue Birds Case. It is adorable on my WHITE iPhone.

Then I got excited and went online and searched for some more cute cases and found this adorable Cuptakes Light Pink Chevron Case. I ordered it last Friday and it arrived the next Friday. The case is awesome and is my favorite so far. They have a ton of different styles that you can't get anywhere else. They also have a great app for the iPhone and iPad that I use. The calendars are always my lock screen pics.

In other news, Tim and I decided to join Weight Watchers. We haven't felt very motivated with the few diets and work out plans that we've tried. There is a local Weight Watchers office where we can go to meetings and weigh in. We start this week. The great part is that I can track everything on my phone through their app and I don't have to worry about carrying around a little book and calculator. Wish us luck. :]

Until next time!

God Bless

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